You Deserve Only the Best Solutions for Dental Care.  Although Dr. Malouf can treat and attend to the vast majority of dental cases, here are a few insights into some of the more common dental care solutions we provide:

 Find Cavities Sooner and Easier

For years the best way to find certain cavities has been to look for dark spots and feel for stickiness; this often leaves questions or fails to find cavities early (while they are still small). Now we find these earlier with a “Laser Cavity Detector;” for you this means smaller fillings and a healthier mouth.

Digital X-rays are Safer & Quicker

  Our office uses completely Digital X-rays. Which means we’ve cut your exposure to radiation by about 75% even before you notice how easy the pictures are to see on the computer screen. Some of these give off so little radiation the State doesn’t require the lead shield which we use anyway for your peace of mind.

Healthier Gums with our Perio Program

Gums & bone form the foundation for your teeth—healthy gums lower your risk for many conditions including heart disease, diabetes and poor birth outcomes. Our goal is to keep your gums firm, pink, & healthy through your lifetime—avoiding gum disease (the #1 cause of tooth loss in adults). To maintain optimum gum health, we create a custom Gum Program for each of our patients.

Flouride Treatments for Fewer Cavities

  Traditionally fluoride treatments stop after your teen years, but at our office they keep going as long as you have your teeth. Optional Fluoride Treatment for everyone (including adults) offers the same benefits it does to kids, protecting your crowns, fillings, and any areas with recession against decay.

See Your Teeth Up Close

  Gone are the days of just taking our word for your dental needs! We want you to see what’s going on. With our Intra-Oral Camera, your teeth hit the big screen and you see what we see when looking up close at your teeth.

Hidden Fillings

  Under normal wear, teeth may decay or become chipped. Manytimes teeth can be repaired with a “filling.” Before filling them, Dr. Malouf cleans and desensitizes all teeth with the latest techniques and materials. Our White Fillings camouflage into your teeth, and are metal-free. Better still, the new materials we use stick to teeth and can actually make them stronger.

Night Guards stop Teeth Grinding

  Most people grind their teeth at night (some very little, some more than that); this can cause headaches, pain, and tooth wear. Night Guards can reduce pain, protect your teeth and help you grind less. Ask us if a night guard might be right for you to create much longer lasting teeth!

Stronger Repaired Teeth

When a tooth is cracked or broken, Dr. Malouf may apply a crown—like a helmet for your tooth. After shaping your tooth to fit a new crown, an impression is made and used to create an “artificial tooth” that will fit, look & works like the original. Fitting a crown requires two dental appointments. All our crowns are custom-made in the USA with the best materials available.

Dental Solutions for Snoring

  An estimated 1 out of 5 people suffer from sleep apnea. If you have trouble sleeping, we offer simple solutions for snoring and sleep apnea.  This means better sleep at night and more energy in the day time for you and your loved ones.

Root Canal Treatments

Some tooth infections reach into the nerve. Fortunately, we can clean the infection out of the tooth with a root canal.  Dr. Malouf then fills the tooth with a resin-based seal material seen to the left. Our patients are kept comfortable throughout this treatment which is usually completed in one visit.  Most these teeth must then receive a crown.

Dental Extractions

  If a tooth needs to come out for because of braces, infection or breakage—we can help you right in the office.  Tooth extraction can simple and nearly painless, and most of our patients are surprised by how easy this can be.