You Deserve Only the Best Solutions for Dental Care.  

Dental Cleanings | Gabriel Malouf DDS


Keep your teeth neat and healthy with regular and deep cleanings from Dr. Malouf and our office hygienist!

Cosmetic Dentistry | Gabriel Malouf DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get rid of stained and discolored teeth with our custom tooth whitening and veneer services, designed just for you to keep your smile clean and bright.

Composite Fillings | Gabriel Malouf DDS

Composite Fillings

Dr. Malouf provides safe, tooth-colored fillings to fix your smile with minimal visibility and practically no toxicity!

Pediatric & Family Dentistry | Gabriel Malouf DDS

Pediatric & Family Dentistry

Taking care of your family comes first. And with Dr. Malouf’s top-notch care for patients of all ages, you can give your family a lifetime supply of beautiful smiles!

Dental Sedation | Gabriel Malouf DDS


Ever wanted to sleep through your dental surgery? At Gabriel Malouf DDS, you can! The caring and professional staff at Gabriel Malouf, DDS are trained in the latest techniques in virtually pain-free dental care.

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 Wisdom Tooth Extraction | Gabriel Malouf DDS

 Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Need your wisdom teeth pulled? Whether you’re a young adult or never got your wisdom teeth pulled when you were younger, Dr. Malouf provides a comfort-focusedlow-stress surgery environment. 

Root Canal Treatment | Gabriel Malouf DDS

Root Canals

Dr. Malouf’s root canal treatment can repair a badly infected or inflamed tooth canal. In fact, it may just save your tooth

 Dental Implants | Gabriel Malouf DDS


Dr. Malouf provides artificial tooth roots to help secure a strong foundation for decayed and damaged tooth roots. These are an excellent option for people who have lost teeth or tooth roots due to periodontal disease, activity or other reasons.

Dental Whitening | Gabriel Malouf DDS


Our new Tooth Whitening system allows you to customize tooth whitening to your needs, and is more comfortable than ever. Find out more at your next appointment!

Botox Treatment | Gabriel Malouf DDS


Craving youthful, wrinkle-free skin? With conservative Botox and dermal fillers provided especially by Dr. Malouf, you can be wrinkle-free for months without any additional pampering!

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Invisalign | Gabriel Malouf DDS


Want a straighter smile without all the fuss of braces? Gabriel Malouf, DDS provides Invisalign dental braces with minimal visibility to help straighten your smile with the best comfort available.

Emergency Dental Care | Gabriel Malouf DDS

Emergency Dental Services

Unexplained tooth pain? Accidentally chipped a tooth playing soccer? Give us a call at 425-292-9230!