Looking for a family-friendly dentist in Snoqualmie or North Bend, WA? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you need emergency care to get you out of unexpected pain, sedation to keep you pain-free throughout treatment, or beauty benefits from Botox and dermal filler treatments, Dr. Malouf has you covered. We understand that taking care of your family comes first, and our patient-focused office provides top-notch care for all ages and is focused on making you comfortable!

MANY of our patients start out very nervous, whether due to a bad experience or simply not liking dentistry they avoid doing what they need to do to get and stay healthy.  We can easily numb or medicate you and minimize or even sleep through that experience; but surprisingly MOST of our nervous patients find they are less nervous after working with some of our programs and become progressively healthier and more consistent in their dental care.  ALL of our dental patients know that we will do almost anything to keep them comfortable while they complete necessary dental treatment.

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